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PARLOT.COM specializes in selling Turnkey Websites, Website Templates, Scripts, Software, Ebooks, and Internet Businesses. Beside the Websites For Sale, you will also find some Video Tutorials, How To Make Money Online Products, Free Websites, and Website Marketing Services. If you can not find what you are looking for. We can build a custom website for you. Are you a business owner who is looking for a website for your Business or to increase your online presence? We offer flexible, value-driven solutions, customized to meet your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us.

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This Membership Script is an extremely powerful solution for anyone who wants to run a Turnkey membership website.


Membership sites are one of the most lucritive ways to make money on the internet!

Did you know? More than 90 of the successful Internet Marketers that you and I know of today make it BIG through use of membership sites?

It's a small thing to wonder since the popularity of membership sites are growing into becoming somewhat the wave of the future. Having your own membership site can be equated to having your own personal media where you can easily dispense your knowledge, expertise and credibility in an organized, quality manner to your members.

For the first time in the recent years, clubs and memberships are going digital following their profitable and successful background, making it an incentive for any beginning marketers to strongly consider starting and running their business in this time-tested path.

Jupiter Research recorded a whopping US$65 billion in online retail sales in Year 2004 alone! And this figure is projected to increase exponentially every year. The conclusion: you'd be wise starting a membership site if you want to cash in on the digital and information market.

With people spending more and more in E-Commerce and online shopping, it's not at all difficult getting people to be your lifetime customers through starting and managing your own membership site as compared to 10 years ago!

4 More Great Reasons To Start Your Very Own Membership Site!

You can easily prove your credibility and expertise to your members through creative use of membership sites.
You can make residual income from your membership site by charging a periodical fee (i.e. monthly, annually) for your members to subscribe to your membership service.
With your reputation built among your members, you can instill a positive influence over your members when it comes to sharing an expert opinion... or even buying more from you!
Find your Inbox flooded with Joint Venture proposals and exclusive business opportunities - you can now have the luxury of picking and choosing who to work with because other marketers now value your influence and marketing power!

And think about the profit possibilities:

You can start your monthly membership site and charge your members a monthly fee - resulting in YOU earning residual income, the way of the rich and wealthy!

You will receive less un-subscription rates as compared to running an online newsletter a.k.a. E-zine - since you're offering long term value through use of membership sites, people have less reasons to cancel their membership access from you!

You can leverage your marketing power on affiliates - affiliates and Joint Venture partners tend to prefer promoting membership sites as they are known to be one of the best business models online.

You can build a more responsive mailing list of your own!
And much more! This are only some to name!

Below is the default main page. This is the default script template that you will get.

DO NOT be fooled by the simple looks of this script. This script is very powerfull.

Click on the image below to see a customized live site running using this script. (some html and css knowldge is required to customize the default script template)

best membership website script

Our membership website scriptis very flexible so you can design your membership site your way. Change 2 files and every page looks the same.
You can also have your links placed horizonally across the top
and use the whole width for your sales page.

General Features:

    • Built In Affiliate Program
    • Add Unlimited Custom Pages
    • Unlimited Membership Types
    • Unlimited Mailing Lists
    • Unlimited Autoresponders
    • Logins Logging System with On/Off Option. Keeps track of Members, Affiliates and Admin logins
    • Automated Membership Types Compare Page
    • Built In One Time Offers System
    • Email Verification System with On/Off Option
    • Built In Tell Your Friends Feature
    • Out Protect - Now you can easily create members only blogs, forums or any php page you want. No access unless they are members
    • Instant Paid Account Activations With PayPal IPN
    • Captures Members PayPal email address
    • Automatically puts member on inactive status if they cancel at PayPal.
    • Keeps track of the members PayPal transaction ID and date of last payment. Members never see this info, it is only in the admin area and can be edited by you.

    Members Area Features:

    • Member Downloads By Membership Type
    • Custom FAQ Area
    • Easy to Use Contact Us Form
    • Profile Manager with Self Account Delete Option
    • Live Earnings Stats for affiliates
    • Banners Code List Page
    • Built In Password Recovery System

    Affiliates Area Features:

    • Split Payment Option Available
    • Makes Affiliate Commissions PayPal Mass Payment CSV File
    • Custom FAQ Area
    • Built In Password Recovery System
    • Easy to Use Contact Us Form
    • Profile Manager with Self Account Delete Option
    • Live Earnings Stats
    • Banners Code List Page

    Administrative Area Features:

    • Affiliate Banners Manager
    • Custom Pages Manager
    • Navigation Menu Manager
    • Downloads Manager
    • Emails Manager
    • FAQ Manager
    • Mailing Lists Manager with List Box HTML Code Display Tool
    • Autoresponders Manager
    • Members Manager (Edit/Add/Delete)
    • Affiliates Manager (Edit/Add/Delete)
    • Membership Types Manager
    • OTO Manager
    • Pages Manager
    • Settings Manager
    • PayPal Buttons Manager
    • ClickBank IPN
    • Use any payment processor that you can place a code for on your site. Ex: 2CheckOut

This script is designed to fit the needs of anyone looking to run a successful business on the internet, as it provides you with all the necessary tools for success:

  • Newsletters with Autoresponders
    These will help you build an army of potential customers.
  • Affiliates Program
    What better way to promote your business than by having a ton of other people doing it for you day and night, and best of all you will only pay for success (orders) and whatever amount you offer to pay for them.
    Plus, you can setup the Membership Manager Supreme so the affiliate gets paid by the customers when the order being placed so you won't have to worry about doing it yourself.
  • Member Downloads By Membership Type
    Whether you sell or give away digital content, info products or any other type of files that require downloading, you will be able to offer them with the package. Not only can you limit the availability of each download to the membership types you choose, but you can also keep track of ALL  downloads through the administrative area.
  • One Time Offers System
    This tool will help you increase your income almost instantly. All you have to do is prepare a very nice offer which will be displayed to each member only once (on their first login). Watch the money received notifications start coming in!


Have Your Own Network of Affiliates Marketing Your Site

You won't be alone when getting the word out about your membership site; by sharing a percentage of the profits thru the built-in affiliates system you can have a huge network of people advertising your website for you.

Run an Unlimited Amount of Mailing Lists

The script comes ready for you to run an unlimited amount of mailing lists; and you can have as many different autoresponses setup for each specific list.
The responses can be setup to go out at specific time intervals so the information gets delivered the way you want it and at the time you want it.
Plus, everyone will get the same amount of content in the order you set it up, just based on the signup time of each new subscriber.

Adding As Many Pages As You Want Is Super Easy

With the built in what You See Is What You Get web page editor you will be able to add as many internal pages (or external links) to all the areas of your website as you want.
The pages for inside the members area can be assiged to only 1 or as many membership types giving you the option to sell a ton of different products under the same website.


This sale does not include domain name, hosting, or site setup but we can help setting them up for you for a fee
You will get installation instructions file included with the script.

  • Hosting Requirements :
  • Compatible servers: Linux/Unix servers with CPanel.


    FREE: A guide on how to advertise your website and get traffic.
    $25 free credit to advertise on YAHOO search marketing( applies only to new customers)
    I will give you access to a package with dozens of software, ebooks and scripts
    They all come with Master Resale Rights &
    Professionally Designed Sales Websites!

    You can add them to your membership site

    Here is just a small sample of what is included in this bonus package

    Building a Virtual Corporation
    You're seconds away from being spoon-fed tons of valuable, earth-shattering virtual corporation secrets!
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    The Affiliate Marketing Success Road Map
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    Article Cash
    Tired of constantly searching for high quality content for your website? Than discover the easy, proven and simple way to pump out high quality articles and turn them into long term residual income!
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    Creating an Online Business 101
    Creating an online business has never been easier, if you know where to begin! Don't spin your wheels and waste your hard earned cash on anything, until you read the definitive guide to success online!
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    Mining Gold From eBay
    Give me 30 minutes and i'll have you ready to start your own ebay empire, sell dozens of items each day and claim "superseller" status!
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    Craigslist Profits Unleashed
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    Building a Blog Empire For Profit
    Now you can easily, make money using the information that you already know by posting it to a blog!
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    Offline Marketing Strategies for Online Businesses
    If you haven't been advertising offline, you've been leaving money on the table! You don't have to be an advertising expert to start promoting your business in print, tv or radio!
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    Effective Copywriting 101
    Discover the simple and proven step-by-step methods and techniques to creating hypnotic sales copy that turns visitors into eager to buy paying customers!
    Retail Price: $34.95
    Social Marketing Secrets
    Discover the new way to bring loads of targeted traffic to any site and generate a ton of on-demand cash flow!
    Retail Price: $34.95
    Adsense Business In-A-Box
    AdSense Business In-a-Box is a collection of a whopping 155 adsense ready web sites, complete with multiple articles for each web site, keywords and each site is already optimized so that you can start making an adsense income immediately!
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    Magic Formula Mini Sites
    Get the insider secrets to making multiple streams of income with profitable mini sites!
    Retail Price: $17.00
    Your Very Own Article Directory
    You can now run an article submission site that gets other people to submit articles, which builds thousands of google adsense revenue generating pages without you lifting a finger. Plus it builds you an email list at the same time!
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    Dropshipping Made Easy
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    The Making of An Internet Millionaire
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    The Great Big Book of Internet Marketing
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    Instant Info Riches
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    Making Money with Autoresponders
    The ebusiness solution that will help you create financial freedom and increase your sales automatically, endlessly and effortlessly!
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    Change Your Mind - Change Your Life
    Yes, you can unleash the "success mindset" and create the life you have always dreamed of having, no matter what it is, now!
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    Private Label Empire
    Get 300+ private label articles that cover a wide variety of popular topics, such as internet marketing, computer security, viral marketing, ebay, self improvement, investing, web design, email marketing and traffic generation.
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    eBay Pro
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    Easy eBook Money
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    Money Secrets
    The day of free content are slowly disappearing, and people are scrambling to find the content they want and need. Are you going to be one of the lucky few who cash in on these desperate people?
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    Guide To Private Label Rights
    If you want to take advantage of the Private Label Rights mania which is taking the Internet Marketing world by storm and also here to stay, this is the most important ebook you will ever read!
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    Get All this NOW and start
    Your Very Own Membership Website!

    You will get an instant download of some of our products after purchase. Due to illegal downloads, the instant download links on many of our products have been disabled. Simply >>contact us<< after you pay and we will send you the download links within few hours.If you are buying a website including a domain name that requires setup just >>contact us<< and we will setup the website for you as soon as possible .
    For more information about ordering, read our Help and FAQ
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